The haunting of Spring Street House – a real life ghost story

I have just finished watching Netflix’s new horror series The Haunting of Hill House. I found it intensely captivating and not just because it is smartly written and well produced. No, there is something else that deeply resonates with me about Hill House – an unexpected sense of familiarity. Believe it or not, this TV […]

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How to win a bar fight with Boris Johnson

A friend told me this story once. This friend is a nice guy, very amiable and easy-going. He also happens to be tall – very tall – 6 foot 5 inches. His height should be entirely incidental to any tale he might tell, except in the case of this one particular story he told me, it […]

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Don’t believe your own eyes

Which are you most likely to believe? Something you read about in the paper? Something you hear about on the television? Something you’ve seen first hand with your own eyes? Unsurprisingly, most people would likely put things they’ve witnessed on the top of this list. But are they right? Is the evidence of your own eyes […]

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