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The apocalypse challenge – day 2: Killer Bees

Enough music, films and TV. Serious times call for serious topics.

This is day 2 of my apocalypse challenge. Over 10 days, I’m posting about catastrophes and almost-armageddons which had a big influence on me personally, and that also nearly destroyed the world.

The Apocalypse Challenge:

Day 2 – The Killer Bee Invasion

It may seem silly now, but if you were a kid in the 70s or 80s, I guarantee that you- like me – probably spent a lot of time worrying about killer bees. Scientists warned us that giant, genetically-engineered and aggressive “Africanized” Killer Bees were slowly making their way up from South America. This was an apocalypse that really resonated with kids. Other doomsdays are so vast and terrifying that they wind up being difficult to wrap your head around, but it’s not too hard for a young person to relate to getting stung by a bunch of angry bees.

By the 1990s these stories became uncommon and it was clear that humanity would survive the killer bee invasion.

Or would we?

They may not have murdered us outright, but our bee-traumatized generation took away some life lessons that may have laid down the foundation for our eventual self-destruction.

First, we learned that you couldn’t always trust the dire warnings of scientists. And oh, man, did that notion ever stick… The next time you run into some Q-Anon, Alex Jones-inspired nut-job in Walmart who refuses to wear a pandemic mask because “coronavirus is a conspiracy to sell you Bill-Gates engineered mind control vaccines,” feel free to pass along some of the blame onto those killer bees as you cough yourself to death.

The second unfortunate take-away from the supposed failure of the killer bees was that it implanted a deep-seated fear in Americans about southern invaders, be they bees, Asian Murder Hornets or foreigners.

When you cross-pollinate a mistrust of science with a fear of migrants and Mexicans, you wind up with someone like Donald Trump as president. As we suffer through global crisis after crisis, having that guy in charge may wind up being the most painful sting of all.


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