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The apocalypse challenge – day 3: Nuclear War

Enough music, films and TV. Serious times call for serious topics.

This is day 3 of my apocalypse challenge. Over 10 days, I’m posting about catastrophes and almost-armageddons which had a big influence on me personally, and that also nearly destroyed the world.

The Apocalypse Challenge:

Day 3 – Nuclear War

You don’t hear people talk about their fear of dying by nuclear annihilation that much anymore. Which is kind of a shame, because even though atomic war is an old-school armageddon, it’s still one of the all-time greats. Like Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, it’s a timeless classic that never leaves the charts, even if you don’t listen to it as much as you used to.

But just like our taste in music is always changing, so too do our doomsdays. Today’s young people just aren’t as into “Duck and Cover” as their parents were. Nowadays the kids are all about “Active Shooter Drills.”

But I find it really hard to relate to young people today and their modern and trendy terrors. After all, how many schoolchildren can one right-wing white male loner massacre with his NRA-approved AR-15 before he’s taken out by a SWAT team? Not many when compared to the damage you’d get from a nuclear warhead dropped from a Soviet Tu-160 bomber. That would kill all the kids in all the schools. Now that’s an apocalypse. They just don’t make ’em like that anymore.

I suppose the one melody that never changes is America’s willingness to terrify and traumatize its children in the name of a militaristic culture that excuses and even glorifies violence in the name of ‘freedom’.

But that’s a tune nobody is listening to.


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