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They shoot high horses, don’t they?

A poem, to be read to the peoples of the world on the eve of Donald Trump assuming the office of the Presidency:


As America prepares for Trump’s inauguration
Howls of laughter are heard from every nation

“You have chosen as President an orange ignoramus!” 
you shout from your rooftops, in an effort to shame us

But there is an old proverb about living in glass houses
and it applies to Europeans: all you Nigels, Luigis and Klauses

As Trump steps up to the stage to take his solemn oath of office
Please note we’re not the only ones lost and in need of a compass

In Grand Old Blighty they look down on us poor Yanks
For the Tories and the Brexit party, they give many thanks 

“You Americans don’t even know how to have a proper election
Like we had here when we voted for a European rejection

While you get only four years of a leader who is not very clever
We’ve done it better, our vote for Brexit screws us forever”

In France, there’s shock for America and the land of warm beer
But they console themselves saying: ‘it could never happen here’

Populism is fine for you Brits and you Yanks
But it’s not something we go for as sophisticated Franks

Clearly Monsieur Trump is the biggest fool of all men
But please do try to ignore our own Ms Marine LePen

She reveals our own problem with anti-Muslim sentiment
And one of these days we may wind up with our own far-right President 

It’s only in Italy that they have complete recognition
Of the poor state of America’s political condition

With Berlusconi they created the very first template
For electing an orange, self-centred potentate

But other parts of the world are still very much in denial,
everywhere you look from the Ganges to the Nile

Up in Canada, they love their Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
But this is the country that gave us Rob Ford, don’t ya know

In the Netherlands, Geert Wilders wants to ban the Koran
In the Philippines, Duterte kills as many criminals as he can

In Greece, neo-Nazis do well because the economy is feeble
Russia’s Putin kills journalists, but is loved by his people

The only exception, as far as I can determine
Is the surprising example being set by … a German


The one place not to fall victim to this political cataclysm
ironically, is the country most associated with fascism 

So unless your name happens to be Angela Merkel
I suggest you be careful judging outside your circle

And be gentle with all of your Trump condemnations
If it happened to us – it can happen in your nations

So get off your high horses, and please don’t be so smug
and vote for some moderates, or wind up with your own populist thug



(And remember – far fewer than half of Americans voted for this imbecile!)



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1 thought on “They shoot high horses, don’t they?

  1. How long did it take you to write this poem? It is very good but also depressingly accurate. I don’t know if I will be watching the inauguration, honestly I am tired of hearing his name.

    What they should really be getting out of this is a tale of a warning of what happens when voters don’t get involved in politics, don’t pay attention, and think it just doesn’t matter. The ones who supported Trump were really passionate and some are *still* convinced that he will make America great again.

    I think we are in a battle for America’s soul but what will win out is hard to say at this point. I really think that Trump represents a corruption of American values. Looking at around the world we are not the only ones who have our inner demons to fight.

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