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Teaching my kid American values: a video that has been years in the making

We’ve been living in the UK around 11 years. Our daughter was born and raised here.

She’s an American citizen, but she’s not really American. Not in the ways that count.

This weekend they’ll be celebrating the fourth of July back home, and I’ve been missing the USA a lot lately. I wanted to show my American friends and family that I’ve been trying… trying to teach our kid American values, so she’s not such a foreigner. This video was filmed on my mobile phone, over the course of the past two years or so. It documents my many attempts to mentor my child and instill in her some of the beliefs and convictions that have made my mother country great. You can actually watch her age as this 2-minute film goes one, and as she ages, she grows morally as well as physically.

Enjoy, and please share these valuable lessons with any other European children you may know.


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3 thoughts on “Teaching my kid American values: a video that has been years in the making

  1. Happy Independence Day

    You got yours and we got ours yay!

    But poor indoctrinated girl ;)

    At least she knows what a football is. Bora Da

  2. With that accent my hunch is she’ll end up English, and will therefore say things like:

    “We gave you the language”

    “We gave you your legal system”

    “Only (fill in the blank number) percent of Yanks own passports, based on a website I just visited 5 minutes ago”

    “The Yanks didn’t help in WW2, it was really the Russians”

    See if I’m right!

  3. Oh, don’t worry about it. She’ll learn all about American values when she is filing her IRS, FATCA, and other “information” returns every year (after paying for expensive accounting) for the rest of her life, despite never living in the USA. (Or pays the $2500 fee to relinquish the American citizenship you have saddled her with.) Hoo-raa!

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